Giornalista VS Tecnico

I am an Italian technical journalist formed through years of experience working in various Italian publishing enviroments such as: press agencies, newspapers, blogs, istitutional sites, magazines. My studies in electrical engineering and computer science have made me competent in various fields of information technology. Years of practice first as an IT manager and then as journalist led me to be a good link between the two professions.

Pulizia Carburatore

A good journalist is rarely a good technician, as well as a computer expert is arduously a good communicator. In my case these two aspects merge together. My curiosity pushes me to learn every aspect of any matter I deal with. Passion does the rest. I didn’t have to wait for the speech of Steve Jobs “to stay hungry”. I always have been.

I have such an insatiable thirst for knowledge that, back in the days, I quit working in a newsroom and chose to be a digital nomad. For a year and a half I lived off the articles that I wrote from anywhere. From the high slopes of Mont Blanc (where I spent a whole winter skiing) to the crystal clear beaches of Sardinia (where I stayed for the Summer), I sent news, analysis and articles thanks to a laptop and a mobile Internet connection.

Nowadays I rediscovered my roots, the deep connections that I have with one of the most beautiful Capital cities of the World, a city so full of history and mistery that a curious person like myself move away from it for too long. The marvelous place I’m talking about is Rome (my hometown).

I began proposing simple and useful solutions to companies that needed to be present on the Internet with a complex kind of digital communication. I built sites using common CMS platforms (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, for example), optimizing the code when needed, mostly for sports facilities, bed and breakfast and restaurants.

I am proud to have participated in the copywriting of a startup which sells traditional food products,  trying out different solutions for e-commerce like OpenCart, Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop, and that currently keeps on growing and improving.

At the moment, I went back to work in a newsroom, for an economic and financial magazine, but with a work flexibility that even allows me to give scuba diving lessons in the evening.

In my free time I like to fly up in the sky thanks to my paraglider, glide on the water with my kitesurf or over the snow while snowboarding, letting me being pushed by the wind with my windsurf,  furthermore I like to feel the wind push on my windsurf, or on a sailboat when I’m with someone.

I love Web 2.0 projects, for this reason I’m an active couchsurfer, I use all of the car-sharing programs, I offer rides using BlaBlaCar, tasty dishes via VizEat.

I think that curiosity drives men to knowledge and that it makes him never full of it. So, I’m not full and I’m always waiting for a new work adventure.